Monday, 6 December 2010

Let's Buy Happiness - Ones to Watch 2011 #6

Today we disclose our sixth One to Watch for 2011. It's Newcastle’s Let’s Buy Happiness. They are another band that we’ve featured a significant number of times on the blog since February. With two releases to date – the No Hot Ashes EP and the Six Wolves single – both of which were self-released, it’s still very early days for the group, but their otherworldly guitar sound shows such promise that leaving them off the list was unthinkable. With songs that cover subject matter ranging from having a crush on Casper the Friendly Ghost (Devil Show) to pins and needles (Dead Legs) their layered music interlaces and weaves together to create a beautiful soft mesh of sound - it's a shimmering blanket for lead singer Sarah Hall’s wonderful girlish and angelic vocal to wrap itself in, with its distinct similarity to Harriet Wheeler of early 90’s band The Sundays.

Let’s Buy Happiness are a band that are breaking forth in an organic way, with a slow and gradual discovery of their songs by their audience through word of mouth, live shows, low-key radio play or blogs such as this – there's no hype, just a natural discovery. The growth also applies to their gigs - of the three shows we’ve seen them play, each has been better than the previous. As the band continue to develop there’s every chance that they may produce an album that will be both exquisite and enduring.

As well as playing the John Peel tent at this years Glastonbury plus Great Escape, Evolution, In The City and Southsea Fest, Let's Buy Happiness have garnered important support from BBC 6 Music - Six Wolves being made single of the week on the stations breakfast show - and Drowned In Sound website. That support is likely to flourish further next year.

Back in February 2010 we suggested that Let’s Buy Happiness were about to make you fall in love - that statement holds very true now - their sweet indie kiss is about to seduce you in 2011.

Let's Buy Happiness - Works Better on Paper by letsbuyhappiness

Let's Buy Happiness - Devil Show by letsbuyhappiness


Frankie Ward said...

We've been avid supporters of Let's Buy Happiness for a while now on Amazing Radio - they've even been in to record a live session for us, tracks of which you can here hear:

Anonymous said...

oh wow... you weren't kidding. 'works better on paper' is absolutely adorable. just now checking the other. they sound like...hmm, your sundays reference sort of, but more like...i want to say she has kind of a joanna newsom sound about her - i'm certain there's a better comparison i could make, but oh wow is all i've got for now. just wow. yes, i will keep them on my list.