Saturday, 11 December 2010

Sunday Girl - Photoshop Handsome + Stop Hey (SLOF Man Remix)

With our Ones to Watch 2011 list completed we’re about to start our run down of our Top 10 Albums of 2010, which we’ll be introducing in just a day or so.

But before that, please take a breather for a few moments and enjoy a couple of bits of new material to help round up the year. Starting with this.

We’ve written a couple of times about Sunday Girl before, exclusively announcing her passion for a bit of rough and tumble with music bloggers at the weekend, pork joint from Lidl supermarkets and her hatred for Little Boots which led to her allegations of the synth-geek-lady being a sperm bank for pigs. All of this was a pack of complete lies of course – but at least it made a few of you smile and stopped us regurgitating the same well known facts about Sunday Girl that were already all over the internet.

We recently caught up with Sunday Girl on Ellie Goulding’s recent UK tour. She impressed with her reasonably strong vocal, fashionable look and confidence although not every song fully engaged us on first listen. Next up, before the release of her next single Stop Hey on the sixteenth of January she’s put out a rather pulsing piece of electronic coolness with a cover of Everything Everything’s Photoshop Handsome.

Everything Everything was one act that featured in the 2010 BBC Sound of list and Sunday Girl had been muted in pop circles as being a possible candidate for the 2011 list, rather like Spark (who featured in the Breaking More Waves Ones to Watch list here). This didn’t eventually transpire – the published long list (here) features less melody based pop this year and veers further towards darker atmospheric tones. Maybe music fashion is moving on and Sunday Girl, despite her obvious pedigree in terms of the clothes she wears is a little less on trend musically? Only time and the public will ultimately decide that. For now enjoy this rhythmic slice of sexiness, as well as the now almost obligatory dubstep influenced version of the forthcoming single and keep an eye / ear out for another piece of saucy wiggling electronica on the blog later today before we move on to that albums list and then Christmas.

Everything Everything - Photoshop Handsome (Sunday Girl Mix) by Sunday Girl

Sunday Girl - Stop Hey (SLOF MAN remix) by Sunday Girl

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