Saturday, 14 January 2012

The Saturday Surf #26

It’s Saturday. This is the Saturday Surf. The lazy blog post where we just throw up a few tracks we hoped to feature during the week but ran out of time to include in a full post. Consider it the blogging equivalent of us tidying up our work desk at the end of the day before we leave the office.

Just 3 tunes for you this week, from 3 genres that we regularly cover; indie, folk and electronic pop.

Zulu Winter – We Should Be Swimming

We first featured Zulu Winter in our ‘New Waves’ feature back in September and now the group has released We Should Be Swimming, which on a feature called The Saturday Surf on a blog called Breaking More Waves would be a watery crime not to feature. Zane Lowe has already made it his Hottest Record in the World, our friends over at The Recommender blog have tweeted “They're gonna be so h.u.g.e,” and Esau blog posted “ Och det här är faktiskt catchy.” We can’t speak Swedish at all but with that last word we think we understand what they’re saying. There’s the ghost of Reverend & The Makers somewhere in the music, but don’t let that put you off.

First Aid Kit – Emmylou

Talking of Swedish (see what we did there?) here’s a band that are actually from Sweden. It’s the lovely First Aid Kit who with Emmylou fully immerse themselves into the world of country music. An irresistible tune with a swooning chorus that pays tribute to a host of whole host of other country singers (Johnny Cash, June Carter, Gram Parsons are all mentioned) and of course Emmylou Harris herself. Heavenly, absolutely heavenly.

Saturday Night Gym Club – How To Build A Life Raft

To continue our tenuous links between songs and commentary then why not try this; if you’ve listened to Zulu Winter’s We Should Be Swimming but can’t swim or won’t swim then maybe you should learn How To Build A Life Raft. It’s an introductory track from Saturday Night Gym Club, a half English half Irish quartet who met at university whilst studying science. Now their applying their boffin like ways to creating super smooth electro pop like this, How To Build A Life Raft will be featured on their debut EP released on 6 March. Fans of the likes of Delphic may be interested or even impressed.

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