Wednesday 11 January 2012

Paper Crows - Disarm

There are albums and bands that you come to late. Even the most passionate music fan has to discover records that they missed out on first time round. Sometimes it’s because you were just too young or not even born at the time and at other times it’s because you were too busy listening to something else or doing real life stuff like work, building a relationship or having kids. We came to The Smiths, The Clash and The Beatles late and there are probably some incredible records, classics even, that we’ve still not yet heard. Another band that has completely passed us by is Smashing Pumpkins. If we were pressed to name five of their songs we could blurt out Disarm, Tonight Tonight, Ava Adore and Today but after that we would be struggling. As far as we're concerned the Smashing Pumpkins Best Of could easily be a 4 track EP. We suspect we're probably wrong.

So here's a cover version of Disarm. This is good because we can’t be tricked into thinking it’s an original as it's one of the ones we know. (Ok, there’s some press blurb we received in our in box as well that explains the song is a cover but to be honest we don’t always read the press blurb, we just press play.)

Imagine if Smashing Pumpkins changed the sex of their lead singer, called her Emma, ditched the guitars and painted Disarm with smouldering, gloomily sexual synths played by a man named Duncan. Well you don’t need to imagine it, because the result would be this version by the highly agreeable dark pop duo Paper Crows. It’s free to download below. 

Paper Crows - Disarm

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