Thursday, 5 January 2012

Becky Jerams - New Waves

When you come across somone’s Soundcloud account and some of the tags applied to the artists songs are pop, acoustic, reggae, country, zumba, alternative rock, r ‘n’ b, 80’s and ballad you could quite easily think that the artist concerned was schizophrenic. However in the case of Becky Jerams, a Portsmouth based singer-songwriter this is not the case at all. The point here is that Jerams is first and foremost a songwriter and can (and does) turn her hand to anything. Versatility is surely her middle name.The first time we heard Not Such An Ordinary Girl (the R ‘n’ B one) our initial thought was why hasn’t someone from a major label snapped this up and given it to the likes of Katy Perry / Leona Lewis / Jessie J to get a hit. Then we heard La La Love and wondered how come this sweetly sentimental acoustic-country pop ditty hasn’t been used on the soundtrack to a rom com yet? The answer? It has, meaning that unwittingly over 2 million people have heard Becky’s song on You Tube alone. Then we heard Everybody Needs Something with its quite obviously Madonna referencing overtones and realised that Jerams 100% has the ability to write something that makes the ears prick up and go 'that sounds like a hit.'

So why is Jerams not a hugely commercial successful artist? The answer lies on a simple explanation on her Myspace. “My big dream is to make a career writing tracks for other artists.” From what we’ve heard she could, with the right breaks, achieve this ambition. This is a woman who seems to be able to roll out radio friendly melodies like most people eat lunch. Her Soundcloud has 29 of them at the moment and she’s recently released an album entitled Misbehave that showcases her skill.

Yes she can sing, yes she can play, but in our X-Factor age where everyone wants to be in the limelight and the end definition of success seems to be being famous, with even so called ‘credible’ pop stars such as Marina from Marina and the Diamonds having recently admitted that “I really wanted to be famous but was so embarrassed because it's not a nice trait to have,” it’s commendable to see an artist who defines end success in a different way. 

Becky Jerams - La La Love

Becky Jerams - Everybody Needs Something

Becky Jerams - 1 Track Mind

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