Monday 23 January 2012

The Concept - New Waves

Even if The Concept were singing about their parents dying their music would probably still sound resolutely happy. Because this Stockholm band follow in the tradition of acts like Alphabeat, Phoenix and The Wannadies in creating tunes that boom out smiles. We challenge you to listen to the invigorating upbeat songs below and not feel a little flutter of joy in your heart. The Concept make pop music – but it’s not the type of pop music that clogs up the charts like algae in a pond. This is the deliriously well-crafted kind that’s packed with melodic fizz and energy.

The Concept are David Larson, Filip Bekic, Frans Povel and Magnus Robert and they help us continue to write clich├ęs that the Swedish, more than any other country in the world, have an innate ability to construct brilliant pop. They play a number of dates in Sweden in February but really it can’t be long before the rest of the world is dancing to the beat of their drum.

For now we don’t need to say any more than that. It’s the music you come here for. Time to press play, grab the downloads below and d-d-dance like no one is watching.

The Concept - D-D-Dance

The Concept - Gimme Twice

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