Monday, 16 January 2012

Blaenavon - Denim Patches (Video) + Gods

Having premiered on Crack In The Road yesterday, recent new waves on this blog Blaenavon have revealed their debut video for the song Denim Patches. They have also uploaded another new track to their Soundcloud.

Denim Patches is an introverted piece, where despondent vocals repeat over and over “take this moment to think what might have been.” The simple but highly effective film featuring waves crashing against the rocks present a strong visual identity for the end of something. Take a meditative moment in your day to take in both the song and the visuals.

The newly uploaded song is called Gods. It’s another melancholic waltz that finally erupts in a distorted white light of guitars towards the end. It may only be a demo but like the majority of Blaenavon’s other material there’s something particularly impressive about its gravitas. Gods can be downloaded for free from their Soundcloud together with the rest of their work.


Anonymous said...

they are unstoppable!!

Anonymous said...

the musical soul of 2012 and beyond

Anonymous said...

whyt light