Thursday 12 January 2012

Colour Coding - New Waves

Do you remember an incredibly young band that back in 2007 had some success in their homeland of Australia and some minor UK popularity with a bunch of highly strung youthful indie rock songs that referenced Bow Wow Wow, the B 52’s and the Go-Go’s? They had tunes called Just A Song About Ping Pong, Get What You Want and Leave It Alone and went by the name of Operator Please?

It’s from Operator Please that today’s new wave have spawned, for Colour Coding are an offshoot of that Gold Coast group formed by two cousins Chris Holland and Tim Commandeur.

Colour Coding so far only possess a small clutch of songs, having self-produced and recorded a debut 5 track EP late last year called Proof. The first track to surface from the EP is Perfect. No, that’s not us describing the song, but simply its title, although it certainly is a gladdening and chirpy pop pleaser that sounds ready made for summer, awash with shimmering synths, uplifting melodies and the best hooky whistling on a pop song we’ve heard since Young Folks by Peter Bjorn & John. It’s the kind of thing that could appeal to fans of anyone from the likes of Two Door Cinema Club, Phoenix, Friendly Fires or The Naked & Famous, not that Colour Coding particularly sound like any of those bands but it’s floating around those sorts of areas. There’s also another song lurking around the internet called Kick which is a little less happy-happy-smiley and instead weightier sounding, but it still manages to pick you up and make life seem a little better.

If breezy, positive, catchy, indie pop is your thing, you’ll enjoy getting wired up with Colour Coding. Go listen and dance.

Colour Coding - Perfect

Colour Coding - Kick

Colour Coding - Perfect (Baby Diego Remix)


Richard G said...

As regards' Operator Please' I think you mean 2007. It might just seem that long ago...
Keep up the good work!

Breaking More Waves Blog said...

Ha ha many thanks. Didn't spot that error. Consider it changed. :)