Thursday, 5 January 2012

NME's 100 New Bands For 2012

2012 feels weird doesn’t it? Well, it certainly does in the world of new music blogging. We’ve already seen bloggers proclaiming that such and such a song will be one of the defining tracks of the year and others name checking soon to be released albums as the ‘first great album of 2012’. Now these statements may well be right, but it all feels a little over excited, like a bunch of sugar-rush chocolate gobbling kids who have been locked inside a toy shop. Then there are plenty of others with the post-Christmas blues who are unhappy with the NME’s 100 new bands for 2012 list or the Top 5 in the BBC Sound of list. That of course is taste for you, you’ll never please everyone / anyone and bloggers are a passionate bunch because they love their music and probably will get a bit angry about stuff from time to time. Imagine if you found out that someone else had been having sex with your boyfriend or girlfriend and then told you that ‘they weren’t very good’. That’s how bloggers feel about music they don’t like sometimes. Pretty angry.

So here’s our take on things.


So let’s take a break, sit back and try and relax. *Takes deep breath and counts to 10*

Now, that NME feature we mentioned. There are 100 acts there. So the NME are hedging their bets a little. Surely at the end of the year they’ll be able to go back and find at least 1 that has had some success? Well, if they do, somewhere out there a music blogger will be proclaiming ‘yeah but I wrote about them years ago and told you that they were going to be the greatest thing on earth.’ Because you see, that’s what bloggers do. Sometimes we all get a little over excited and have our own music-sugar-toyshop rush. Now and then, by luck rather than judgement someone will get to the 'next big thing' first. We have a claim to Video Games by Lana Del Rey on that matter. 1st Hype Machine listed blogger to feature the song. Nah-nah-nah *Sticks out tongue at other music bloggers in childish arrogant fashion*

So here’s one act that we noticed in the NME list. We first wrote about her in April last year. In blogger terms she’s pretty old hat now. But we want to draw her to your attention again – not because she’s the greatest act we’ll see in 2012, not because this song is going to define your life (probably), but because she’s the kind of artist we like to feature on the blog. She’s female, she does synth pop, it sounds a lot like Robyn. She’s good as well. She’s called Vanbot.

You can hear every one of the NME’s 100 New Bands for 2012 here. Oh and some of them aren’t bands. They’re solo artists. Which makes us angry, because the NME is meant to be paid professional journalism and they haven't used the correct noun - but it probably subliminally says something about the way the journo types at the NME think.

Phew. We’re going for a lie down.

Vanbot - Make Me Break Me

Vanbot - Make Me Break Me (Hit'epa Remix)

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