Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Patterns - New Waves

One of the well-used ways of exploiting the internet to get your music heard is the You Tube cover version. Normally the domain of below average acoustic acts in their bedroom, the typical indie band is less likely to use such methods of self-promotion, wary of how they may be perceived. Thankfully Manchester 4 piece Patterns don’t seem to be concerned about being cool or uncool; having last year posted a rather trippy version of All Saints number 1 hit Pure Shores online. It’s no acoustic bedroom version of course, with reverb laden vocals and worming psychedelic organ sounds filling the space like a bunch of choirboys sneaking a spliff at the back of a cathedral.They have also taken to covering Blue Jeans by Lana Del Rey live, putting their own creepy and near-menacing stamp on it.

Patterns are not just some sort of drug dream cover version band though. Having started out with the terrible moniker of Elmo Logic, a change in name brought about a change in musical approach, with a more sample and electronic direction to their previous straightforward indie guitar sound. With two releases to date – the debut New Noise EP and the persuasive single Induction (released through Melodic Records) Patterns have already picked up some deserved blog and radio exposure.

Patterns possess a bucket full of woozy psych-pop cleverness that stirs layers of textures and pop sensibilities together to create something that we like a lot. Treat your ears, click play below and see what we mean. The word potential is often an awkward one to use when describing music, but Patterns do seem to possess it.

Patterns - Induction

Patterns - Broken Trains

Patterns - Pure Shores 

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