Saturday, 2 January 2010

Muchuu - New Waves @ Breaking More Waves

Heredfordshire is not normally known for the being the hot bed epicentre of musical activity, but maybe such assumptions are about to be proven wrong. First up popped one of our Ones to Watch for 2010 - the Brit award winning / Sound of 2010 nominated Ellie Goulding who we blogged about several times last year and who is now quite possibly chart bound with her next single Starry Eyed come February. Hailing out of the same county skip the brother-sister kooky-kitsch electro-pop duo Muchuu. We certainly wouldn’t put Muchuu in the same excited music industry box as Ellie yet, but we like them all the same. Incidentally, both acts share a similar musical territory in terms of little girlish vocals with the likes of Lykke Li, Clare Grogan and Tatu being references we pick up on listening to this band.

When we first saw their name we thought ‘twee indie pop’ and guess what? We were almost right. But rather than an out and out indie sound this duo bring cute modern floaty electronic tunes on songs such as Coral And Shell, Paint Me Rain and their debut single which was released at the end of November - Somebody Tell Me. In essence they remind us of a modern version of the mid 90’s girl fronted pop of Dubstar combined with a more ethereal cuddlier Ting Tings. Muchuu are probably the kind of band that would appeal to girls who love Hello Kitty and buy cool vintage clothes from quirky seaside boutique stalls. They make songs that sound positively Japanese and if their music was a colour it would be sugar mouse pink. In fact the bands press release describes the groups sound as playfully urging the listener to close the curtains and sneak out the back door to a magical star-lit forest, armed with nothing but a spring in their step and a pocketful of penny chews. Muchuu are either going to make you want to swoon along holding their hands or swing a guitar violently at their heads.

The group consist of 21 year old Milky and her 19 year old brother George. Their musical jewellery box has already been taken home by Huw Stephens and Nick Grimshaw on Radio 1 and the band played the Underage Festival in Victoria Park, London last summer. They are due to release an album this year. If neat harmonies, melodies and swirling candyfloss synth pop is your thing, then come with us and spread the Muchuu love.

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