Thursday 7 January 2010

Marina And The Diamonds - Hollywood Acoustic

So as to not annoy readers with too many posts, we try to keep to an objective of one blog maximum a day. Sometimes however something crops up that we have to share immediately. Today is one of those days.

As the BBC Sound Of 2010 finally reaches number one tomorrow, we’re pleased to see that Marina and the Diamonds, an artist we’ve been writing about since pretty much the inception of this blog back in 2008 when we first picked up her original demo CD has come as runner up. We’re therefore guessing that Ellie Goulding will take the number one spot, although we are slightly concerned that the limp and pathetic Owl City may sneak in there. Let the good music gods speak wisely please.

In celebration of Marina getting number two, which effectively recognises the work she has put in over the last year or so in building her profile, as well as her undoubted talent as a singer, performer and songwriter, here is a new video version of her current single. Hollywood played acoustic by Marina and the Diamonds. Superb stuff.


Joey said...

My money's on Ellie for the top spot.

No. 2 is the best spot to take I feel. It grants the artist in question exposure without having the burdensome 'Hope for 2010' tag that resulted in Little Boots moderately successful 'Hands' campaign being written off by some as a catastrophe of sorts.

Breaking More Waves Blog said...

Yes. Agreed. The build 'em up knock 'em down mentality can be a dangerous thing. We blogged about this here

Adam F said...

I agree, it looks like Ellie will be the top choice.

The difference this time though is that things seem more prepared for Ellie as her new single/album are out around late feb/early march as opposed to a momentum losing late may release for New in Town/Hands by Little Boots.

Breaking More Waves Blog said...

Yep Ellie Goulding is the BBC Sound of 2010. Hurrah !

And yes with both Ellie and Marina things are more prepared for their ongoing campaigns for 2010