Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Marina And The Diamonds - Hollywood ( Estonian Pop ! )

It seems a long time ago that we first posted about Marina and the Diamonds way back in 2008 here. Since then her star has continued to rise. The new single Hollywood is due for release next week and is currently A listed on the Radio 1 play list. With a growing dedicated fan base that are prepared to pay over £100 for her demo CD Mermaid vs. Sailor on Ebay, Marina appears to be developing a strong sense of loyalty, verging on obsession, amongst some of her followers. Next week will be the first true indicator of if her talent and hard work over the last couple of years has engaged with the public. At Breaking More Waves we will be holding our breath and listening to the Top 40 singles with a degree of trepidation.

But before that there is another video of Hollywood. According to Neon Gold Records blog it is ‘just found’ footage of Marina and the Diamonds playing on Estonia’s premier music revue program Pop ! Together with Gonzales, Marina performs a substantial string laden version of the song which should please fans immensely.

How genuine that Pop ! even exists as a program, we’re not so sure. The knowing winks, the claim that the video has been ‘found’, the poor clarity of the visuals complete with rolling screen effect and the crimped euro hair-do that Marina sports all suggest that this is an amusing set up. There are points when as Marina hams it up she looks like she is about to burst into hysterical laughter. Add to this the absurd facial expressions that the white gloved Gonzales pulls to develop a further layer of hilarity to the whole thing. Mind you, as far as we can tell following a quick raid on an Estonian to English internet translator, the subtitles are for real.

There are now are trio of videos for Hollywood, the other two which you can watch here and here. Furthermore this Gonzales version of the song is being given away as a free download from the Neon Gold blog get it by clicking here ! Here's the video.


Jordan said...

Saw Marina last night at Dingwalls/Camden. Sadly I was a bit underwhelmed. She comes across as a bit self obsessed, her band is full of session musicians, and (overall) I feel that she is only as good as her strongest material. In comparison, Rox, who were on before her, were excellent IMHO.

Marina undobutedly already has dedicated followers, I spotted quite a few young women going crazy and miming all the words to her songs. Also present at the right of the stage was a (seemingly) overbearing manager.

I enjoyed Hollywood and I am not a Robot as singles, it remains to be seen though if her star will continue to rise; IMHO she'll need a better repertoire of material first.

Breaking More Waves Blog said...

Thanks for the comment Jordan. Only time will tell if her star continues to rise. The self obsessed point is an interesting one - lots of pop stars could (possibly) be accused of being self obsessed, but if this comes across too much when playing live it can be quite uncharismatic and even annoying.

We'll be catching up with Marina live again ourselves soon, so we will be comparing notes !

emmdee said...

I think you are right about the video - Eesti (Estonian) is related to Finnish (Suomi) which I now know too much about, and the subtitles are also mysteriously missing diaresis marks (the two dots above letters - ä ö ). Which english localized PC's can't handle easily (although Mac's can).

Is this the most boring comment you've ever had? Do I get a prize?

Breaking More Waves Blog said...

Sadly I think this is possibly one of the most interesting comments this blog has ever had !

Thank you our Finnish correspondent.