Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Daisy Dares You - Number One Enemy

With all the excitement of this weeks BBC Sound Of 2010 Top 5 being revealed (well, we are excited anyway) we thought it was time to throw up (and we use those last two words with reason) one of the nominations on the long list; the new Daisy Dares You single Number One Enemy, which also for probably quite commercial reasons, features Chipmunk.

Now let’s get this straight. We normally only bring new artists that we like to these pages, but as a warped internet version of a public service we feel that very occasionally we have to put out a warning. We did it before here. So be alert for Daisy Dares You. Her music displays the inevitable yet dispiriting lack of originality that is sometimes brought to you by major record labels. Daisy Dares You is a homogenised repackaged version of teen blandness. The look ? Duffy meets Pixie Lott. The sound ? Avril Lavigne meets Pink, all watered down for the kids. With auto-tune.

However, we also want to be positive, so for good measure we will point out that this video has its moments of interest. First we quite like the fact that Daisy gets trapped by a huge cup cake. She’ll have to eat her way out of that one. You can see it best at around 1.54. Then for anyone in the UK who has been to Latitude Festival, it seems that Daisy is looking after the coloured sheep for winter at around 2.18. So that’s where they go when they’re not gallivanting in a field in Suffolk. Then not so much of interest, but of annoyance, is a second later at 2.19 when Chipmunk does that silly ‘C’ symbol with his hand. Mind you, that is probably why Arctic Monkeys last album wasn’t very good. They haven’t got an ‘A’ and ‘M’ symbol. Maybe.

Anyway, Daisy should think herself lucky she was only crushed by a cup cake. If it had been a Christmas pudding she’d be stuck there forever; a just punishment for this crime against pop. She may only be sixteen, but this is no excuse. With this song she is our new number one enemy indeed. Fail.

Normal quality music be it pop, dance, folk, indie or something else resumes tomorrow.


Garry M said...

Harsh. Poor old Dasiy Dares You.

But true.

Anonymous said...

Robin. More negative pieces. I miss your rants on your Myspace / Fanzine about the musical horrors you hate. I'll always remember your slagging of the Pigeon Detectives, it was genius. This Daisy Dares You piece is tame compared to that.

Incidentally how do I get a pic against my name ? (It's Dave by the way)

Breaking More Waves Blog said...

Thanks for your comments folks.

Sorry to disappoint you Dave but these days the venom for poor acts (i.m.o) is much more restrained and appears very little. Just can’t see the point of spending time on something that is only worth flushing down the toilet - better to spend that time pushing good things forward.

Having said that BMW Blog reserves the right, where necessary for the public interest and protection of ears to give the occasional warning.

And how to get a picture. register with a google or blogger account ?

The Bubble Boy said...

The track is harmless enough but the Chipmunk 'rap' that has been shoehorned into it is pretty unforgiveable alright.

Mistress Wanda said...

I was pretty horrified to see this on the BBC Sound list too. It's the ridiculous pouting and affected accent that really grate. Haven't we been there, done that with the Lilly Allen's and Kate Nashes of this world.

Mind you I thought the choice of Lady Gaga last year was dire, and although I still think her music is shocking I have started to come round to enjoying her theatrics.

Who knows, maybe this time next year Number One Enemy will be on my playlist!

Breaking More Waves Blog said...

Well Mistress Wanda, I guess there is no accounting for taste, especially amongst so called 'tastemakers'.

Have to say though, although I've never blogged about Gaga, I have come round to liking her quite a bit as the year has gone on. At first I thought '1 hit wonder' but even if her music isn't your thing, I think many of us will now concede that she is a 'proper' bona fide pop star, and has produced some of the best pop singles of 2009. She is certainly a performer and a true entertainer.

Anonymous said...

I think its heart is in the right place and that the song is quite good. It's simple and easy to sing along to but not contrived or made to please hipsters i.e. it's a pop song. I don't think it's trying to be anything other than that so in that way it's a success.

The problem with an act like Daisy Dares You being added to a list like Sound of 2010, for her, is that it's a load of people that are much older than the intended audience for the music that ends up reading it, analysing the whole thing and tearing it apart.

Breaking More Waves Blog said...

Good point about over analysis The Chemistry Is Dead. Sometimes you just need to hear a song and love it or not. In this case we are in the not group. Big time. By our ears it actually sounds very contrived. The idea of it being 'intended' for a certain age group almost suggests this to a certain extent, the song being obviously planned for a certain demographic. But hey ho, that's the beauty of music, people are always going to have different opinions. The world would be a savagely boring place if we all agreed with each other.

Anonymous said...

Shocking song, but i'd dare do daisy.

Anonymous said...

Yeah it is kind of plain and is very auto-tuned in the songs, but when I saw her live her vocals were much better and had an individual tone to her voice. A shame how much it's edited.