Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Run Toto Run - Catch My Breath

Only a few days ago we posted a demo video of a new Run Toto Run song. Now we can’t stop. Here is more of the finest unsigned act from Manchester but this time things are perkily precise musically and agreeably accomplished visually. It's the bands current single and brand new video for Catch My Breath.

Here’s a question. What would the mouth of hell smell like ? Acrid burning flesh ? Possibly. Sulphurous decay? Almost certainly. Foul stinking vomit ? Maybe. Whatever it would smell of we’re pretty sure we wouldn’t want to catch its breath. Yet here we see Rachael the lead singer of Run Toto Run being consumed by a huge evil rubbery tentacle laden mouth and for the most part seeming quite relaxed about the whole thing. Maybe the mouth uses Listerine.

Catch My Breath is an essential piece of fidgety disjointed robo-pop with strepsil smooth feminine vocals that convince us that Rachael can only have breath that smells of flowers, peppermint and fairytales. We love the line in this song “Out of marmite no kiss goodbye.” It’s a little odd, a little quirky and makes us want to shout “House” at the Breaking More Waves unsigned band bingo parlour. Because we have a winner.

If you see a big bad malevolent looking mouth walking down your street, please can you shove your fingers down its throat. Hopefully it will gag and Run Toto Run will get their lead singer back. Thanks.

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