Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Ellie Goulding - Starry Eyed

Well here we go again, ruining our one blog a day rule - again. This is becoming a bad (or good) habit, depending on your perspective.

There’s been so much talk, maybe too much talk about Ellie Goulding that it’s becoming difficult to find anything particularly new about her to say. Expectation is high and there is probably no way that Ellie can reach the summits some expect her to climb. Ultimately, after all the tipsters tips and the listers lists, all that really counts is the music.

On the 11th February 2009 we first posted about the Heredfordshire lass here . Almost one year on and here is Ellie Goulding with Starry Eyed, released as her first UK major label single on the 22nd February, with her album Lights following a week later. Today the video was released. Here it is. We pass no further comment for now. For once we are not giving an opinion. Just a question. Is the modern electronic pop production that Ellie Goulding is being given right for her voice, or would she be better suited to simple less populist folk arrangements that we first heard on her Myspace a year ago and can be seen by clicking here ?


Anonymous said...

Amazing song. I love the production - suits her gorgeous voice.

Wave Surfer said...

First of: I'd say it's a good thing you don't stick to the '1 post a day' rule to rigid, in fact: stop excusing yourself for it :) It's just the way it goes. In wave terms: as long as you don't bringing a tsunami of posts upon us, we respect it ;) Second; I like the Pop sound better, but don´t like the way it is performed in live concerts. As long as she mixes the too genre's life (which could be difficult in ways of image building) I'm quite alright with it :) Anywayz, thanks for the Ellie-update!

Phil said...

I do like the production, but I'm not sure if this is going to be the song that vindicates all her tips. Check out a live version of "This Love" on youtube - that song has the potential to be huge, and even has a slightly more acoustic vibe.