Saturday 3 October 2020

24 Hour Blogathon - Ider - Saturday

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There have been an awful lot of songs created during the Covid-19 pandemic that are frankly pretty awful. Come on artists; it’s not good enough to just sing or rap some basic lyrics about being in lockdown without adding some context, depth or an interesting story. 

Thankfully the  new song from Ider created in lockdown is way more interesting, albeit quite sad and despondent sounding – although there’s a real beauty in the chorus.

 “The world is sick and so are we,” they sing on a video that perfectly fits the sheer heaviness of it all. Megan and Lily both caught the virus and were pretty ill – but out of it has come quite possibly one of the best quarantine songs. They make being downcast sound haunting.

Ider - Saturday

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Chris said...

Literally no point in any band making a lockdown referencing song since 5ive who already taken the crown.