Saturday, 3 October 2020

24 Hour Blogathon - Baby Queen - Pretty Girl Lie

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I’ve banged on about Baby Queen earlier this year (in this post) and here I am again suggesting, no TELLING YOU in a shouty way, that Bella Lathum is one of the best new pop people out there right now.

Here she is again with a lyrical  follow up to her tune Internet Religion. Once again Pretty Girl Lie deals with the more unfortunate side of social media and finds Bella singing about how she hates the egomaniac she’s becoming: “We don’t really care about the message we send, if we look perfect when we play pretend – I get more likes when I don’t look like me; I hate that life.” Like many of the best songs in pop, despite the seriousness of the message, the music is a big sphere of bubblegum fun. 

If music was like football Baby Queen has just been promoted to the Championship and if she keeps her form this season could even be a possibility for promotion to the Premier League at the end of next season.

Baby Queen - Pretty Girl Lie

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