Sunday 4 October 2020

24 Hour Blogathon - G Flip - You & I

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Australia’s G-Flip arrived in a whirlwind of excitement a couple of years ago and in her homeland, she’s done pretty nicely thank you with a top 10 album in 2019. Yet in the UK she still very much sits in that ‘underground pop artist’ category.

This week she’s shared a brand new track. You & I is a love song. When she wrote it, to quote Beyonce, she was crazy in love, but alas since then there’s been a break up. It must be strange to put your heart publicly on its sleeve with lyrics such as “now I can’t see life apart,” and then have to explain that the situation has changed. 

Like all of G-Flip’s songs You & I is an easily memorable, hooky pop tune. It would be nice to hear it on UK radio one day.

G Flip - You & I

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