Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Playlist: Breaking More Waves (May 2017)

I’ve been making playlists for years now, for both myself and my friends. First they were compilation tapes, then CDs and now a drag and drop creation on Spotify. Each format has become quicker and easier to put together.

The Breaking More Waves Monthly Update does what it says on the tin. It’s all (or virtually all) the songs I’ve featured on the blog in the last month. There are a few missing – namely by artists that are so new that they’ve yet to make it on to Spotify (by choice or their own negligence). It's a playlist that I mainly create for my own purposes – yes I actually like listening to the music I’ve written about, but it’s also for anyone who visits the blog occasionally but hasn’t got the time or inclination to look at everything I feature. A few people have even started following it, which is nice. Hopefully now and then you’ll find something on it you like.

So what's on the playlist (and hence the blog)? There’s usually a few tracks by bigger established acts that you’ll probably know. This month there’s the likes of The National and OMD but there’s also some very new artists with just a few hundred or thousand plays of their songs to their names like the jubilant and life affirming old fashioned indie-pop of London / Brighton duo Sugarhouse and the mysterious and ghostly Dream Harlowe.

This month’s playlist clocks in at almost an exactly an hour, which in the old tape compilation days would have taken that time to create it. I made this in about five minutes. Technology eh? It’s great.

Have a listen, enjoy, but sometimes come and visit the blog for the 'bonus content' - pictures and words. You can also follow the playlist if you have a Spotify account. Click here for the link.

Breaking More Waves Monthly Playlist

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