Wednesday, 24 May 2017

New Music: Introducing - Dream Harlowe

This is stunning. A big nod to Crack In The Road blog for unearthing Dream Harlowe and her debut track Moarte

Formed out of nothing much more than sparse subdued beats, a splash of electronics and a vocal that hints of smoke-laden jazz clubs and sadness, Moarte is a sparse ghost of a song that sounds as if it belongs on a lost old-fashioned black and white film. As she sings of seeing death waiting in the corner and severing the cord you might begin to question what this somewhat disturbingly beautiful piece is about. Thankfully there’s an explanation on her Soundcloud that states: “I wrote this song after meeting my father in Eastern Europe for the first time. We are not what we come from and yet, we are.” 

A song from the heart of the night. 

Dream Harlowe - Moarte

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