Monday 15 May 2017

New Music: Is Bliss - Into A Dream (Video)

“Playing in what appeared to be no more than a sweaty padded cell, under flashing red lights, the pulverising zoned-out guitars and submerged vocals of Is Bliss was viscerally exciting; a bomb scare of a band.” Those were the words I used to described this bunch of Portsmouth rockers 5 years ago when I first witnessed them play a home town show at Southsea Fest. Since that time the sound of Is Bliss has morphed somewhat, whilst maintaining the element of chaos and destruction that made them so thrilling in the first place. 

New song Into A Dream is a perfect example of what they do now. A wigged-out trip machine of 60’s influenced psych rock and sitars with plenty of bounce, Into A Dream swirls with an exotic fire that makes it perfectly acceptable to use the word ‘groovy’ once more. The video, a simple close up performance piece, ensures that the intensity is maintained as the whole thing explodes in a beautiful noise towards the end.

Into A Dream is taken from the band’s second EP The Honeycomb Explosion and is available from AC30 records. It’s limited to 500 copies worldwide on 180g transparent yellow vinyl with orange and red streaks. 

Is Bliss - Into A Dream (Video)

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