Friday, 12 May 2017

New Music: Kacy Hill - Hard To Love

This is getting silly. Last year I posted how writing about Kacy Hill on Breaking More Waves seemed to be an annual thing following Experience in 2014, Foreign Fields in 2015 (still my favourite song that Jack Garratt has been involved in) and last year’s Lionwhere most importantly I noted that Kacy has already done the obligatory ‘pop star in the bath’ picture. Now it’s 2017, so here we go again.

This time round Kacy has released not one, but two songs on the same day. First there’s the downtempo minimalistic electronic ballad Like A Woman, but the one that gets my heart racing is the pulsing pop of Hard To Love, a song about trust, promises, excuses and lies in a relationship. Despite the despondent nature of the lyrics the melodies and music are positively jubilant; yes it’s another one of those songs that turns someone’s personal sadness into a universal joy, something that pop throughout its history has always done very well.

According to her Twitter feed Kacy’s debut album is finally on the way and is about "sex, but it's also about intimacy, longing, heartbreak, and exploration." You can also find her guesting on the new Cashmere Cat album. Schedule your diaries for a further blog post about her on Breaking More Waves in 2018.

Kacy Hill - Hard To Love

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