Thursday 4 May 2017

New Music: Brika - Don't Want Your Love

Brika picked up a lot of traction on music blogs leading up to the release of her hugely enjoyable debut album Voice Memos, and now after a quiet period, she’s back. 

I’ve always loved the ability of pop music to take you to places that are very different to your own (records like Kendrick Lamar's To Pimp A Butterfly for example I find fascinating) and certainly Brika’s Miami based sound is miles away from anything I would expect to come across in the south coast city of Portsmouth UK that I call home, where all forms of guitar based rock seem to reign supreme. But that’s why I adore this even more.

Don’t Want Your Love is a song that saunters up to you with a shoulder drop and shaking hip rather than rocking with an aggressive and forceful strut. Listen to that bass and that ‘Oh-oh I don’t want your love’ hook. It's pure class. This is R&B for sure, but it’s not the normal (dare I say it lame) electronic R&B that seems to hit Breaking More Waves’ in box every day of the week. The sound here is far more organic sounding but with a heightened level of sophistication. 

Yes, Brika may not want your love, but she’s got mine anyway. 

Brika - Don't Want Your Love

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