Monday, 8 May 2017

New Music: Introducing - Maximillian

Danish singer Maximillian has a very decent chance of being a pop star. Why? Well look at his name. He’s following the well-formed rule of pop that says: “I know I’m good. I should be a star. Therefore, you only need to know me by first name. That is enough.” When we talk of Elvis, we don’t need to say Presley. Ditto Madonna. Prince. Kylie. Bono. Bjork. Adele. Sting. The list goes on and on. Even Duffy had a go for a while.

But of course just having a pop star name (although Maximillion is still a bit of a mouthful to be honest) isn’t enough. Decent songs help. That’s where Duffy went wrong. She took her name to heart and recorded a bunch of tunes on her second album were a bit…duff. Of course that horrendous Diet Coke advert assisted the career suicide as well.

Maximillian knows a good song though. He proved this with his mash up of London Grammar’s Hey Now and Frank Ocean’s Pink + White a couple of months back. Now he’s doing it again with Higher, which ticks all the contemporary pop buttons; it’s a banger that's been given the slick electronic downtempo moodiness treatment. Oh and Maximillian's voice is impressive as well - it has a sad soulful tone to it that actually sounds best when he's not trying to hard. 

As long as he avoids the Diet Coke he should be fine.

Maximillian - Hey Now / Pink + White (Video)

Maximillian - Higher

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