Monday 15 May 2017

New Music: DIICE - Do Wrong

Almost a year ago today I featured a new act who went by the name of DIICE after hearing their creamily smooth debut Multigold. Usually when a mysterious identity free band release a debut song as good as Multigold it suggests the start of some slowly unfolding campaign, gradually drawing the public in as the artist (or artists) lead to an EP or even an album. However, in this case, if it is a campaign, it’s the slowest yet. One song a month like Oh Wonder did with their first album would be cool. But surely this isn’t one song a year?

Let’s hope not, because whilst DIICE’s second release once again reaffirms the argument that good music is like good cooking - needing quality ingredients and (most importantly) time – I’m not sure if I can wait another twelve months for a third.

Do Wrong is gorgeous. It's formed from spacious nocturnal production and subtle warm electronics that sit halfway between the likes of Massive Attack and Vaults - and that can't be a bad thing. What I particularly love are the vocals - they’re just so velvety, soulful and you can hear every lyric perfectly. I also love the way the vocalist does a tiny little roll of the ‘r’ on the words reason, breath and cry - is she perhaps Welsh? It sounds like she could be. 

But apart from that guess on nationality (there's also a hint on line that they're based in London or Essex) I still don’t know anything about DIICE, although according to Complex who premiered the track, they're a trio. But knowing so little doesn't matter. The sound is the thing. That’s all that matters.

DIICE - Do Wrong

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