Tuesday 30 May 2017

New Music: Introducing - Grace Carter

If I analysed the last 9 years (or rather nearly 9 years) of writing on this blog and where the artists that I’ve written about have come from, the chances are that Brighton, UK would be fairly near the top of the list. Today I’m adding another one from that seaside town just down the road from me. 

Grace Carter arrives fully formed musically with debut single Silence, a song about the classic destroyer of all relationships; poor communication.  “All I wanted was you to speak to me, but you never did,” she sings, alluding to the frustration caused by someone not telling the truth. Warning – this one might start like a simple piano and electronic beats ballad, but watch out because there’s a big hooky multi-layered vocal pop chorus lurking within. An impressive start.

Another winner from Brighton.

Grace Carter - Silence (Video)

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