Sunday 30 October 2016

The Sunday Surf #1

Back in 2011/12 I used to post a feature on Saturday called The Saturday Surf. “Some music bloggers are so time rich that they are able to sit at their laptops and see music drop into their inbox or other feed sources and post about it instantaneously. Breaking More Waves is not one of those. It’s why we post the Saturday Surf. It’s a chance for us and maybe you to catch up on a few musical beauties that would have otherwise slipped away,” I explained at the time.

The lack of time element has never changed – in fact one of the reasons I stopped doing The Saturday Surf was not having enough time to do it. But now, it’s back, except on a Sunday. Not every Sunday, but as and when I feel like it. 3 -5 songs, with just some very short text rather than my usual ramble and the important bit - the music. 

Also, I’ve recently started a ‘Breaking More Waves 2016 Latest’ playlist on Spotify, which captures the vast majority of tracks I’ve posted on the blog from the previous month – if you want to subscribe to that you can find it by clicking here, and the next update is due early next week.

Here’s this weeks’ Sunday Surf

Parcels – Gamesofluck

I absolutely adore this track, it’s probably my favourite thing I’ve heard this week and in all honesty it should have had its own individual post. Obviously not fans of spaces in between the words, Australia’s Parcels follow up to Myenemy mixes up all night disco grooves, with slabs of synths usually found on cold edged 80’s European synth pop records and vocals that have a cool laid-back quality similar to those of Jungle. With a debut EP out on Kitsune next year consider me won over already.

Lanikai – I’m Glad

Lanikai is Imaginary Cities lead singer Marti Sarbit’s new project and I’m Glad is the first song to be taken from the it. With a style that sounds like Flaming Lips when they’re at their least weird and most commercial, I’m Glad twinkles with an engaging and dreamy prettiness, full of brass, cascading keys and haunting vocals.

Charli XCX – After The Afterparty

Charli XCX knows how to write a pop hook doesn’t she? “Make sure u play it play it on repeat at ur halloween ragers, birthdays, funerals this weekend. it's a real spooky banger ;)”. She says. Not sure about playing it at a funeral, but each to their own. Probably the first song that has an association with London based producer Sophie that I like. This one by rights should be a big chart hit.

The Avalanches – Because I’m Me

My favourite video of the week, which despite its modern setting and dancing manages to hark back to the days of classic old musicals. Even although the Wildflower LP wasn't quite what I hoped (after 16 years I wanted them to evolve rather than just remaking their previous record) I can't deny that Because I'm Me, as a single, is a huge dollop of fun.

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