Thursday 20 October 2016

New Music: Clock Opera - Whippoorwill

It’s been a long time since Clock Opera featured on Breaking More Waves. Their last two songs In Memory and Changeling passed me by somewhat, but new cut Whippoorwill presses all the right buttons – and yet it’s very different from what the band have produced previously. Gone are the life affirming and supremely jubilant sounding pop songs that we heard on the debut album and instead there’s something that comes across as intimately sad. With it’s lyrics of a hole that ‘no fairground ride will fill’ and ‘a conversation scrubbed out on the page’, Whippoorwill is clearly about that most difficult of subjects that, as we get older, we all experience more and more; loss and the void of emptiness that follows.

This is the sort of song that, because no words will suffice, it makes you want to reach out and give the singer a hug. Yet out of the darkness, there is something positive - beautiful music to colour in the black.

Clock Opera are releasing their second album Venn via League of Imaginary Nations and !K7 on February 10th

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