Tuesday 18 October 2016

New Music: Maggie Rogers - Alaska (Video)

You know how in the retail sector Christmas seems to get earlier and earlier each year? Well there’s the potential for that to happen with Breaking More Waves Ones to Watch for 2017 list. Every year I seem to go through a cycle of growing excitement to see who tipster types are selecting as picks for the year ahead, then come the deluge of lists, and by the end of it all I’ve reached saturation to the point of boredom and annoyance. By January you’ll probably finding me stomping down the streets shouting “I really couldn’t give a sh*t about who you think I should be listening to this year.” But right now I’m pretty excited for it all. Bring on the BBC Sound of List and all the others I say. But before it all kicks off I’ll be bringing Breaking More Waves own tips for 2017 from around mid-November. I could actually publish it right now, but maybe that's too early?

Although I couldn’t possibly say who I’ll be featuring, Maggie Rogers has got to be a firm contender at this point. OK, she may only have one song out there right now on audio streaming services (ignoring her folky efforts that you can find on You Tube), but it’s one of my songs of the year. Alaska has soul, grace, restraint, beauty and melodies that seem to float in the air. OK, I think I have to correct myself; it isn’t just one of my songs of the year, but it is my song of the year.

Since I last wrote about Maggie she’s signed to a major record label (Polydor) and there’s an EP in the offing. But first there’s a long overdue video for Alaska. Don’t be put off by the first few seconds which find Maggie going for what looks like a rather dull walk in the countryside – there’s frolics in the forest and snogging to come. 

All the feelings and all the movement are present here.

Maggie Rogers - Alaska (Video)

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