Wednesday, 26 October 2016

New Music: Introducing - Molly Burch

With a debut full length coming in 2017 via Captured Tracks, it’s time to introduce Molly Burch to readers of Breaking More Waves. The first time I heard Downhearted, her debut for the label, I was instantly transported to some sophisticated and fashionable European city in the 60's, Paris or London perhaps. It therefore seems rather curious to report that Molly actually resides in Austin, Texas, but maybe, on second thoughts those country twangs are more at home there than by the Seine or Thames? 

What I do know though is that music is universal and that irrespective of where in the world something comes from, it’s when it finds a place in your heart that matters. Downhearted certainly does that; pulling strings in the same way that someone like Patsy Kline’s music does.

Maybe the wistful romantic beauty of I Adore You, the B side of Downhearted that really is too good to be called a B side, gives a better context to where Burch is at musically. A subdued country-soul affair, it just oozes loveliness. It makes a lot of sense that Molly, when asked to compare her music to a food, described it as hot chocolate: “Because it’s comforting and dreamy but could also make you think of past loves.” 

Hear both songs below and note her name down, because if the rest of her album is anything like these two songs, it’s going to be a must listen / buy.

Molly Burch - Downhearted (Video)

Molly Burch - I Adore You

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