Saturday 22 October 2016

New Music: Introducing - Cameron Jones

If you’re a musician and you’re sending out your music to blogs and websites, I have to be honest and say that these days the chances of me even opening the email are pretty damn low. There’s 101 reasons for this (OK slight exaggeration – there's about 4) but the main one is quite simply lack of time. However, last night I actually found myself with a whole spare two hours and decided to start wading my way through over 1000 emails that had arrived in the Breaking More Waves in box this week. To put some kind of filter on things I decided to only listen to submissions that were directly from artists themselves, rather than those through a record label, PR or management.

It took only half an hour to find this gem. Cameron Jones is a Herts born songwriter based in London and has spent the last year or so in-between working nights at a local blues bar, playing open mic nights and recording/writing songs in the bedroom. His song Rose is a sad meditative ballad, reflecting on how a relationship’s past happy memories make the present all the more difficult. It’s the kind of reflective and emotional tune that could equally find itself being played to a hushed crowd of seasoned music fans in a church venue by candlelight as it could covered by some wailing wannabe on X-Factor. 

Unlike X-Factor however, Jones seems to understand that there’s as much power in restraint as there is bombast and Rose holds itself back with aplomb. It seems I'm not the only one who is impressed either. Line of Best Fit website have already featured the song and this week Jones was featured on Spotify UK's new music Friday list, so he's getting some decent attention. 

A softly magnificent song.

Cameron Jones - Rose

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