Friday, 28 October 2016

New Music: Alice Jemima - Electric

Alice Jemima has been in it for the long haul. From early demos first posted here back in 2011 through to March 2017 when she finally releases her debut album through Sunday Best Records (you can pre-order it by clicking here) Alice's has been no overnight journey. 

When she first started putting out music to the internet it felt like there was no strategy or timetable; it seemed that she’d just record a song, put it online and see what happened. At one point it felt like she was uploading a new track every few weeks and it was pretty exciting. Thankfully 2016 has seen a return to the old way of doing things, with a flurry of releases. With Dodged a Bullet still finding its way into people’s consciousness, thanks in particular to it some daytime Radio 1 airings through BBC Introducing and finding its way onto many a playlist (the song has now clocked up 888,000 plays on Spotify), she’s already followed it up with Electric, a song that’s been a regular in her live sets this year.

Electric has a low key, late night, lamplight, post-club feel to it, finding Alice singing of cities that don’t sleep and regrets in her silky unmistakable voice. If you’re a fan of The XX then the dark flashes of guitars here will be very much to your tastes.

One day there will probably come a time when Alice Jemima will release a new song and I won’t post it. Today is not that day though. This one cuts straight to the core.

Alice Jemima - Electric

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