Thursday, 27 October 2016

New Music: Hazel English - Make It Better (Video)

Remember when Bon Iver took himself off to a cabin in the woods and created For Emma, Forever Ago? Well for the last few days I’ve done something similar, living out of a corrugated iron clad shed, formerly a World War 2 Land Girls’ House in Somerset, complete with an air raid shelter, a 1940’s kitchen, a fireplace and attic bedroom accessed via nothing much more than a ladder. It revisits another era, a trip in time that is pure nostalgia. It’s the kind of place that, from the very little I know about her, I imagine Hazel English would be smitten with. After all her sense of style is absolutely vintage / retro and as I’ve noted before on the blog her music pays much reference to the past - albeit a past when many an indie loving student in the UK danced to chiming guitar music like this in their Doctor Marten’s whilst swigging snakebite and black. 

But to pull it forward to the here and now, somebody on Twitter recently noted “Can we all agree that Hazel English is the indie darling of 2016?” I certainly wouldn’t disagree with that statement.

With that title under her belt, here’s another new song. Make It Better is the fifth and final release from her 5 track EP Never Going Home, and yes I’ve featured every single one of those songs on the blog. It’s a sweet and serene tune that has some similarity to The Sundays in terms of its sonics - if you haven’t heard Reading, Writing and Arithmetic please go and investigate it - but before you do so, press play on the video of Make It Better below, which features clips from some of Hazel’s old school films and TV shows whilst she sings of dilemmas, of the want to be seen, but invisible at the same time.

Hazel English - Make It Better (Video)

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