Thursday, 20 October 2016

New Music: Sølv - I'm Your Gun

Bang. There’s no hanging around with Sølv, despite her mellow unhurried sound. The UK south coast raised singer swept me away with the icy electronics of Losing My Mind just over a week ago and now she’s back with release number two already. If Losing My Mind was a classic Gin Martini, then I’m Your Gun is a smoking Maguey Sour sipped at a bar in a Quentin Tarantino movie with Lana Del Rey sat opposite as your drinking buddy. Throw in some twangy reverb laden guitars, Sølv’s narcotic and strangely familiar purr then underpin the whole thing with some menacing electronics and beats and you've got yourself something very fine indeed.

Losing My Mind might have been a good introduction, but I’m Your Gun takes things up several notches by virtue of its luxurious melodies and fascinating mix of modern production, combined with very old fashioned songcraft. This is first-class slow pop.

Sølv - I'm Your Gun

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