Thursday, 7 November 2013

Young War - Rose Gold (Pablo Nouvelle Remix)

If there’s one thing that doesn’t generally work it’s the remix of an acoustic based artist. With very few exceptions the drum n bass rework of your favourite folk act or the dubstep DJ mash up of a traditional singer songwriter’s song is (with the odd exception) the musical equivalent of challenging Usain Bolt to a sprint race and the loser giving all his possessions to the other. Eg: A very bad idea that shouldn’t have even been entertained.

Whilst Manchester based recording artist Young War isn’t a fully acoustic act, his tunes have a very natural and soulful feel (think along the lines of Michael Kiwanuka perhaps) and that means that the tunes don’t scream ‘come and remix the f*ck out of me’.  They don’t even whisper it, which if they did would have least sounded sexier than yelling. Luckily the choice of chilled r’n’b / indie / pop musician Pablo Nouvelle as a remixer of Rose Gold makes a lot of sense. There’s no attempt here to create a banger, no talk of waiting for the drop or layering the song with thousands of bat shit mental beats. Instead Pablo keeps the soul intact and makes everything smooth, mellow and creamy, which rather sounds like he’s created an advert for a chocolate bar or a bottle of Baileys. Either way it’s rather delicious.

The remix of Rose Gold is free to download. 

Young War - Rose Gold (Pablo Nouvelle Remix)

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