Friday, 22 November 2013

Ones to Watch 2014 - #5 Flyte

“They might have just become our new favourite band. Cancel that - they have just become our new favourite band,” were our excited words back in August when we first introduced Flyte. Since then they’ve released their debut EP, played a small handful of headline shows, supported MS Mr on tour and de-camped to an isolated part of Wales to write and record plenty of new material. If these songs are anything like the ones that we saw them perform in Breaking More Waves home city of Portsmouth at Southsea Fest 2013 (their first ever show outside of London), then your ears will be in for a treat. For Flyte take the good old fashioned sensibilities of classic pop songwriting, harmonies to die for, add an indie / new wave jangly twist and deliver it in a way that is simple and without pretension. It's chirpily life affirming too.

Flyte are unusual in so far as they challenge the modern and commonly preconceived idea about how a band needs to develop an audience and market themselves before they stand any chance of getting signed by a major record label who these days aren't prepared to fund initial marketing and devlopment. Signed by Island records in September despite having less than 400 followers on Twitter, 200 followers on Soundcloud and 10,000 views on You Tube, it’s the band’s ability to pen a good tune rather than internet statistics that has put them ahead of the pack and found them inking a deal.

As we move into 2014 expect those statistics to creep in an upwards direction, as Flyte and their music soar and er.... take flight.

Flyte - Over & Out

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