Saturday 23 November 2013

Ones to Watch 2014 - #6 Mononoke

Today’s one to watch is the mysterious Mononoke who appeared just last month on Breaking More Waves and a whole host of ‘tastemaker’ blogs such as Neon Gold, Disco Naïveté and Listen Before You Buy shortly afterwards.

So who is Mononoke and what else do we know about her? The answer is very little, although of you're really clever with your Google searches you can find out her real name. We're naming her as one to watch for 2014 on the basis of just the one song we've heard - always a dangerous strategy - but when that one song (Alice) is so good, she becomes one to watch even if only to see if she can keep the standard up with her next release.

It seems that Alice is a taster for a debut EP due early next year and that an album, recorded in a church, is or is nearly complete. For now just wallow in this beautiful and sensitive modern ballad and look forward to more from Mononoke in 2014.

Mononoke - Alice

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