Monday, 4 November 2013

RSS Feed Problems For This Blog

Apologies but we're having some issues with our blog feed right now and this is a simple test post as part of correcting the issues.

If you subscribe to the blog and receive this then hurrah - it looks like the issue is resolved and we can continue blogging as normal (and this post will be deleted from the main blog).

If you don't subscribe but have visited the blog directly - apologies, we hope to resolve the issue soon and hope that we can get back to normal as soon as possible!

Update 4/11/2013 20.40 : The RSS feed is now working again, although Google's Feedburner does appear to be working somewhat eratically at this time. We've decided to leave this post up for posterity's sake. Normal blogging continues tomorrow.


Rain said...

I'm a subscriber, but haven't received this.

I came because of the "Laurel - Fire Breather" post which seems to be gone.

Breaking More Waves Blog said...

Apologies Rain - it's been an eratic day on the blog

Laurel post is back

Rain said...

No need for apologies. Thumbs up for your great work.

Yes, the feed seems to be working now. I received three feeds including the "RSS Problems" one.

Tom Hazledine said...

Coming late to the party, but this showed up in my feed with no problems. I've been using Feedly since Google Reader was killed off...