Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Avec Sans - Shiver (Video) + Ecstasy Remix

Here’s a pop video of the song Shiver by the electro pop duo Avec Sans, following the original Soundcloud stream of the song which we featured a few days ago

For your entertainment and information we present five facts that you probably won’t know until you’ve either read this post or watched the video.

1. Jack St James (he’s the one not doing the singing just in case you didn’t realise) could do a pretty decent job as a stand in for a member of Chvrches (the non-female member that is), particularly with that cap on his head.

2. The lead singer Alice Fox once slept in one of the bedrooms at Breaking More Waves HQ and ate a Shepherd’s Pie there. (Let’s call that an exclusive shall we) Actually, to clarify the exclusive, the pie was eaten in the dining room not the bedroom. This is the second time we have 'exclusively' revealed that a potential pop star / musician has both slept at our house but more importantly eaten Shepherd's Pie (here's the first). If any other musicians fancy nipping over for a kip please note that other meals are available, but we advise booking in advance.

3. This video looks much better on a decent computer screen than it does a mobile phone screen. So if you’re reading this on the mobile, put it away and try again later.

4. An egg is dramatically wasted for artistic effect at 3.35 – but who is the egg waster? The clue is in the watch on the wrist. Don’t trust him baking a cake for you, that’s all we’re saying.

5. There’s also a new remix of the track by Ecstasy which sounds even more lushly thumping than the original and we're streaming that as well.

In other non video / remix news Avec Sans will be supporting Little Boots in London on Thursday 28th November, which is pretty much our female fronted electronic music dream, especially as it takes place at a venue named Heaven. 

Now watch and listen....

Avec Sans - Shiver (Ecstasy Remix)

Avec Sans - Shiver (Video)

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Catherine from The Mule Affair said...

I listened to and like both versions of this. Really lovely voice Alice, and the video and song are more-ish.

No idea who the egg waster is, are there any more hints? Or is that it?

I've already given in to the 'fussy, needing to know what stuff is' side of me and hit rewind - more than once, I might add. I still don't know the answer.