Thursday, 28 November 2013

Ulla Nova - New Waves

“Come on put your face back on, we’re gonna have some fun,” opens new lady on the block (and wearer of big hats) Ulla Nova with her debut single Kid From London. It’s the kind of street smart electronic pop music that we’re big fans of on Breaking More Waves. Mixing the attitude laden coolness of Charli XCX with waves of textured big synths and some ‘Oh oh’ vocal snatches that reference Chvrches The Mother We Share, Kid From London does the business. 

What we’re also particularly liking about Ulla Nova besides the big hats and big tunes is what appears to be a very well maintained Citroen 2CV in her publicity photo. For those who lack automobile knowledge, this ‘classic’ car had a design brief that was for a low-priced, rugged “umbrella on four wheels" that would enable four small farmers / or peasants to drive 50 kg (110 lb) of farm goods to market at 50 km/h (31 mph). The gearstick was often in the dashboard and the handbrake under the steering wheel. If you could drive one of those babies you could drive anything.

However we digress, what you really want to know is more about Ulla Nova. Right now we can't supply that much information, except that she’s worked with ex Red Light Company singer Richard Frenneaux and has supported Bipolar Sunshine. Ulla also played her debut headlining show at the Servant Jazz Quarters in London recently. Let’s hope that for future gigs she’s not relying on that 2CV, they’re old bangers now and liable to break down. We prefer her fresh new banger of a song.

Ulla Nova - Kid From London

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