Thursday, 18 August 2011

Loui Rose - New Waves

Singers are like buses aren’t they? You wait for one and then two arrive at once. OK, of course there are thousands of singers in the world, but in this case we’re referring to a particular type of singer. It’s one with the name L. Rose. We recently featured upwardly rising acoustic singer songwriter Lucy Rose and now here’s Loui Rose. Confused? For a moment we were too.

The strapline on Loui Rose’s twitter account suggests that she’s a professional Elvis impersonator but to our ears this Southampton born, London dwelling lass sounds like a slightly less ballsy Adele. Listen to her song Night Owls Early Birds (below) and hear the distant ghost of Rolling in the Deep, complete with clomping beats and a rousing authoritative chorus. With the record breaking success that Adele has achieved it’s surprising that Loui hasn’t been signed by a label yet, but as we just said there are thousands of singers in the world and everyone is jostling for some space.

Luckily the studio demos that Rose has online buzz with confidence, ability and charm. So if there’s going to be a scramble to get on the record label bus, Loui Rose has a very good chance at being at the front of the queue. She’s already begun chasing her dreams by upping sticks and moving to the big city, sleeping on couches and scheming her musical future. Keep an eye out for this one; her future could be bright indeed.

Night Owls Early Birds (DEMO) by Loui Rose

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