Tuesday, 9 August 2011

My Tiger My Timing - Endless Summer (Just Say Joe Mix)

If music is your hot hot sex, then here’s something to make you even sweatier. By the end you’ll probably be at least down to your underwear, and possibly even naked. My Tiger My Timing graced Breaking More Waves a short while back with their single Endless Summer and now they’ve pushed out this throbbing and pulsing remix of the song that gives a vaguely Moroder-ish flow to the track, keeps the hooky nursery rhyme vocal melody and heads out to the dance floors, looking to pull.

This is the stuff of pulsing strobes, girls and boys grinding sexily and the club losing itself in a delirious thrusting mass. Arousing stuff, get your coat Just Say Joe, you've pulled.

Endless Summer - // J U S T S A Y J O E \\ Mix by mytigermytiming

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