Friday, 26 August 2011

Ed Sheeran - You Need Me, I Don't Need You (Rizzle Kicks Remix)

How do you judge music? How do you determine what’s good and what’s bad? At Breaking More Waves our judgement is simple – does it make us feel something – something wonderful, something emotional? If it does, then it’s good music. For us it doesn't have to be technically competent, that definition of 'good' is for chin-stroking muso's who have forgotten how it is to feel alive. It’s why the Breaking More Waves definition of good will often be different to another music blog, because we all feel different emotions about different things and at different times.

Mention the name Ed Sheeran and the chances are you’ll get one of two responses. The first is a swooning puppy-dog eyes-wide dreamy faraway look and a gentle sigh followed by something along the lines of “Oh I love him so much,” the second is a look of utter disdain. This is the way emotions work. This is the way ‘good’ and ‘bad’ music is defined.

We’ve never shied away from enjoying music that is made for commercial gain or on a major label. Music is just music and once you start passing judgements on something because of anything other than the song then your judgement is coloured and that’s a dangerous thing.

But of course you know and we know that this last statement is a load of balderdash because our judgement is coloured all the time in the amazing world of pop music. That’s why the haircut, the ‘coolness’, the look of a performer, how sexy they are, what they said that you agreed with in an interview, how old they are, even if your peer group like them or not all affect your judgement. For example if you live in the UK, if we played you a record and told you that Fearne Cotton adores it how would you feel? What about if we told you that Abeano blog or Transparent blog had raved about it? What about if we told you that the singer went to Brit School? Or had won X-Factor? Chances are that you’ve already made your mind up about the song to a certain extent before you’ve even heard it.

So here’s a new remix from Ed Sheeran of You Need Me, I Don't Need You, remixed by another Breaking More Waves supported act Rizzle Kicks. If you don’t like either act or if like both, the chances are that you’ve already made your mind up about the song before you even press play. We have no idea what Fearne Cotton thinks of it, but we’re pretty sure you won’t be seeing it on Abeano. We’ll give you one more piece of information to influence your thinking – the track is as much Rizzle Kicks as it is Sheeran, with completely new rapped verses. Oh and there’s some rude words as well. Now press play and make your own judgement if you haven’t done so already.

Ed Sheeran - You Need Me, I Don't Need You (Rizzle Kicks Remix)

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