Monday, 9 May 2011

Strange Talk - Eskimo Boy (Video)

Just two Saturdays ago we started a new feature – the Saturday Surf. We couldn’t really call it anything else could we? Referencing what we do on the internet, how the feature sweeps the through the tracks that nearly got away, our love for the sea and this very blog. We’re based near the ocean, the beach is our second home and we adore swimming in new music.

One of the songs featured in Saturday Surf #1 was Climbing Walls by Strange Talk, a CD and vinyl release through Neon Gold. The timing seems a little odd when you consider that major labels are starting to drop the production of CD singles as there’s no business case for them anymore.

Today there’s a new video from the band, a track from the Climbing Walls EP – it’s called Eskimo Boy. Rather appropriately it’s set on the beach. If the colourful vocabulary of hippy vibes, pretty girls in their underwear, fires on the oceanfront and soft sand are your thing then feast your eyes on this. Admittedly this video is very much a soft-focus fantasy version of beach life, similar to a TV advert perhaps, rather than in the real world. Yet ultimately, despite whatever creativity someone puts into a recording, once it has been released for sale it becomes a product - and a video is just an advert to sell that product.

The motto of the film; girls, watch out for good looking lonely boys on the beach, they’re nice but naughty and could cause a ruckus. Here's the song, which needless to say, we like.

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