Wednesday, 25 May 2011

The Horrors - Still Life

Yesterday The Horrors unveiled their brand new single Still Life. Sounding like a wayward and less bombastic version of Simple Minds dragged wearily from the depths of the mid 80’s it finds Faris intoning “when you wake up, when you wake up you will find me,” over arms aloft synths. Dare we say it but The Horrors have created their first stadium anthem. The song sparkles in the gloom and is almost calling for cigarette lighters in the air.

Could this five-piece, who frankly very few people took seriously when they released their debut, become this decade’s version of The Cure? Starting out with gothy-punk-pop songs that were rather hit or miss at their beginning and slowly evolving into a unit that embraces all sorts of alt. rock / pop sounds, is it possible that they could end up selling out arenas? On the basis of just this song that idea is not out of the question.

Still Life bodes very well for Skying, the bands third album which is due July 11. It was recorded by the group in their own studio in Dalston, London.

You can catch them this summer at a variety of festivals and one day summer shows which include Wireless Festival in London, Field Day (also London) and the Reading and Leeds Festivals.


Pedram said...

Looking forward. This one'll be more arena rock that's for sure. I loved their previous efforts.

Scryst said...

Holy shit a band that gets better and better and over 30,000 you tube views in less than 24 hours not bad for an underground band.