Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Joypopp - New Waves

There’s a theory floating around that music has run out of ideas. That everything references something else. That theory certainly weaves its way around the pages of Breaking More Waves. It’s often presented by weary hacks as a criticism, but pop music is just following the pattern of other forms of popular culture. Nobody criticises a film because it’s a horror film or an adventure film with familiar themes and patterns; of course it’s been done before but we accept that and judge the film on what it does for us. Does it entertain us, does it move us, does it make us see the world in a different way?

Likewise electropop is a genre that is refashioned and rebranded every now and then, but it’s still electropop. Today’s version is slow grooving, cutely sexual, twinkling, vaguely Moroderish and from France. Joypopp resurrect a sound that you could place in the 80’s but you could also place anywhere from 2008 onwards. “I want to kiss your lips, I want to kiss your body, want you all for me, I can do everything, I will do anything,” purrs lead singer Alix like a Kylie or Little Boots with extra sauce during Desire the lead track from the duo's debut EP Ecstatic, released through Binary this week. It’s just erotically charged enough to leave you wanting more; irrespective of originality or not.

Desire by Joypopp

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