Thursday, 5 May 2011

Fixers - Crystals (Video)

If bands were football teams, then Fixers would probably be pushing into the play-off zone as we come to the end of the season. Here’s their psychedelic kaleidoscopic LCD-tripping video for their new song Crystals. The song was previously streamed on the blog here and is the lead track on their marvellous Here Comes 2001, So Let’s Head For The Sun EP, from which another track Uriel streamed here.

If you love Tron-like grid symbolism, floating bananas, eclipses and (of course) flashing crystals in this acid-trip of a video (and frankly, who doesn’t ?) then you’ll be getting just a little high on this one. That’s 1-0 Fixers then. Next stop Wembley?

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