Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Boy Friend - New Waves

If like us the floaty dream pop of the likes of Memory House and Keep Shelly in Athens is your thing, then Boy Friend is the next faded wash of musical romance to hit your headphones. With cloudy synths and out-of-reach feminine vocals, the debut single Lovedropper through Hell Yes! has been gently rubbing itself up against our ears for the last twenty four hours. Listening to it on repeat makes us want to liken it more and more to a golden smudged ghostly sun-ray or something equally preposterous. It’s that kind of music – like whale music for indie kids; and that’s not an insult but a compliment. Luckily it’s not just the one track that massages our weary ears and body with loveliness, as you’ll hear from the slightly hazier and spacier Spirit Burner which we’re also streaming below.

Boy Friend has also gone all blog unfriendly on us with a freakish portrait video, which we advise that you don’t watch if you’ve taken any illicit substances recently. (Click here to watch and see what we mean)

Boy Friend consists of Christa Palazzolo and Sarah Brown (formerly of Sleep∞Over) from Austin, Texas. If bliss was something that was manufactured rather than felt, then their far-flung ambient tunes would be a central component. Time to relax and enjoy.

Lovedropper by Boy Friend

Spirit Burner by Boy Friend

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James said...

That is some lush sonics