Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Johan Agebjorn & Ercola ft Queen of Hearts - The Last Day Of Summer

Here’s a track that we were originally going to post a few days ago, but we held off thinking / hoping that there would be a visual accompaniment at some point. Now there is. Directed by Stuart Hall (we assume it’s not the UK television and radio personality with the mad laugh) this video welcomes back our new favourite pop sensation Queen of Hearts.

Some facts about Queen of Hearts that you may or may not know.

1. When playing this video You Tube suggests that we should also watch the work of Sally Shapiro. In this case You Tube is right – there’s a similarity in vocal style and lush shimmery synth work (try Love in July for starters).

2. Queen of Hearts wears a lot of absolutely fabulous (please read the word fabulous in an abfab Joanna Lumley style) costumes in this video. It’s nice to see a girl that gets dressed up whatever the occasion, even if the clothes aren’t that practical for walking around the countryside. We imagine Queen of Hearts even does the washing up in a posh frock.

3. Johan Agebjörn, who Queen of Hearts has collaborated with here is a Swedish italo-disco producer and he has done a considerable amount of work with Sally Shapiro, which brings us back to fact number 1.

4. Pitchfork recently gave Agebjörn’s album Casablanca Nights 6.7 out of 10 (how do they decide it’s .7 not .6 or .8 can somebody let us know ?) They said of this song and of Queen of Hearts “It's too bad she doesn't appear more often.” We agree with this last statement.

5. Queen of Hearts debut live show at Madame Jo Jo’s in London was very well received by all accounts with people using words such as “impressive” and “amazing” for a performance that was sexily-dramatic, theatrical and as cool as f*ck.

6. Her majesty plays another show with a supporting cast 100% worthy of her royal patronage – the much Breaking More Waves blogged Paper Crows, the recently blogged Cave Painting and the sublime new folk princess Daughter - at Proud in London on the June 8. This gig comes with our full stamp of approval and we hope very much to be in attendance.

7.We appear to have ignored Ercola (also credited in the song) completely. Sorry.

8.Queen of Hearts is now most certainly our new favourite lady in electronic pop. Fact.

The Last Day Of Summer (Johan Agebjörn & Ercola featuring Queen of Hearts) by Queen Of Hearts

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